Deepware Rupture

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Many times we do not realise that the laws of logic are not truly creative. When we follow them, is easy to become stuck at the same thoughts again and again. When your mind is trapped in a pattern, is very difficult to break it from the inside.

The app

Deepware Rupture supplies random words, concepts and ideas that, applied to your problem, can serve as an inspiration, showing creative alternatives to your tired mind.
It is unimportant if they are crazy or (apparently) not appropriate, because their function is to break the old patterns, making possible the shaping of new ones.


It is very straightforward. Simply open the app and choose among 8 answer categories: advice, image, insanity, proverb, analogy, word, question and truth.

Then try to fit together your question and the answer given by the app. If it does not ring a bell at the first attempt, try again. Eventually, you will be surprised.

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