Deepware Changes
Known Problems

Three Coins Method

The coins do not move when I shake my device

Some Android™ devices are not trustworthy when dealing with their accelerometer data. In that case, the coins will not move at all, or will do in an awkward way.

We are sorry, but we cannot do anything to fix this issue.

The coins appear very off-centre

The accelerometer of your device is miscalibrated. Not all Android™ devices are equipped with an accelerometer calibrator, but this problem is usually solved this way:

  1. Close the app.
  2. Put your device fully horizontal.
  3. While in horizontal position, re-open the app.

Other issues

Tell us below.

14 comments on “Known Problems
  1. sc says:

    Yarrow stick method does not go to landscape mode. It still works but sideways, still displayed in portrait mode

  2. Basilios says:

    After generating a new reading the app freezes for roughly a minute. It happens with both the coins method and the tapping method.

  3. Martin Lundberg says:

    Why is this not compatible with my tablet (Samsung sm-t550)
    I wonder…
    Sincerely yours

  4. avm says:

    Hi Martin: Because Android 6.0 introduced some change in very standard procedures that causes ANRs in my app. I cannot reproduce the errors yet and I am involved in another projects that are consuming all my time. But this issue will be fixed ASAP.

  5. Lisa Fukuda says:

    Now can I uninstall this on my now broken tablet so that I can install it on my new one? I am unable to see the screen now.

  6. Kevin Leamer says:

    Cant downlad this app because the App is not supported for my SAMSUNG galaxy note 5? Your other apps ar.? Suggestions?

    Thanks KML

  7. Hypsnos says:

    Have a Huawei Y625. I can download and open, I can both tap and shake -but the app stops and shuts down after finishing and before the answer comes up. Your other app, deepware rupture works perfectly and got me interested in this one. Thank for the greate work on that one -and by the comments on google play, I hope I also get to experience this one! Will follow your news and try re-installation later on.
    Happy new year!

  8. Jelks says:

    I’ve been using Deepware Changes now for several years. It runs rings around any other I Ching-style app on the planet. Just love it! Plus, if you ever want to check the other “translations”, it lets you go via the web (“Internet” button) to the “Gnostic Book of Changes” which gives you Legge, Wilhelm, Blofeld and more. I wish the developer of that site — — would “mobilize” the site (i.e., have a mobile display version), but that’s outside of the domain of this app.

    One problem that has just cropped up since Samsung upgraded us to their new “Android N” (version 7.00): a quite noticeable lag — often verging on “hanging” — has developed between when you tap a button and when the next screen comes up. Example: when you press “Taps”, or after casting when you press e.g. “Fast”, you can sometimes have a wait of 30 or more seconds. For another example, when you press “Full”, you often have to tap it 5 or 6 times for the Hexagrams to finally show up. All this was instantaneous under Android Marshmellow (“M”/ 6.x), so this new Android Nougat (“N” / 7.0) has introduced something that makes Deepware Changes appear to have a few gremlins in it.

    Finally, how do I go about making a small donation to show my appreciation for the love, dedication, art and beauty that has been put into this masterpiece?

  9. Tsubaki says:

    This app is a great working tool,thanks for developing it. However, can’t find the hexagram map described in the documentation. Only have “index” “key” “code merger” and”narrative sequencer”. Where is the hexagram map function ?

  10. Johan says:

    In my xiao mi max always not responding… Thank you

  11. Merv says:

    I had this on my Moto g and loved it but just got a new Moto E4 and it doesn’t work on this device!!

    Please fix, Deepware Changes is so helpful to me.

    Thank you for your time we’ll spent.

  12. Jesse Allan Messenger says:

    It works on my G5, but not my G6. :/ NOOOO!!!

    Love this app too. Such a beautiful tool.

  13. Alexander Bertold Sattler says:

    Thank God I did backups of all my apk files on my devices over the years.. Didn’t get it in Play Store for my Note8, installed a backup that I had installed on the Note4 about 1 year before ( version 4.11) and it’s running smoothly and fast on Note8 now. Even the issues while scrolling up and down are gone. Only 1 little bug, after using the coins or the tapping method the result is visible for only a second then seems to disappear while the background pic stays. the result isn’t gone, it instantly get’s visible again when I change something on the Screen like changing visibility of Navbar or status bar, rotate screen or jump with a double tap on the “recent apps” button to another app and back. Screen off and on also works.
    Maybe the layers are not arranged in the correct way? The background is always there, foreground get’ s invisible after a moment because it hides behind the background until called a second time ( after any display- changes for example).. I’m not rooted or did any modifications on the note8, running on the official Samsung Stock ROM Android 8.0 Oreo. Version 4.11 is running smooth and except this little glitch (it does not always happen) it runs better than on my Note4, because I don’t have these lagging screen with micro freezes anymore. So could you please put (Exynos) Galaxy Note8 to compatible-devices? I would prefer the official Apk.

  14. John P says:

    A different reading:

    It does not happen every time but on 2 occasions I noticed that after I cast the last line of the hexagram it gives a totally different hexagram/reading than what was cast originally. It is like a glitch that gives a fake hexagram.

    For example, I will cast 17.3>49 but it will show me 53.2.6>48. I have to click the back button to take me back to the first (original) hexagram.

    What’s up with this?

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