Deepware Changes
Narrative Sequencer

This tool allows you to work with sequences of meanings, as well as explore their geometries.

Its interface is very similar to the Conceptual Graphic analyzer (see), but there are several differences and more options, shown in the next graphic:

Throughout the whole app, the octagonal buttons act as `safety buttons´, requiring a long click to work.


The deployment button appears only in hexagrams with multiple changing lines and transforms the corresponding hexagram into a series of hexagrams where only changes a line in every step.


The geometry button choices the propagation of the lines of a hexagram to its next. Included geometries are:

  • P (parallel): the lines keep their position from one hexagram to its next.
  • N (nuclear): the lines of the later hexagram are the nuclear ones of the former one.
  • S (swapped): the trigrams or the later hexagram has exchanged positions from the former one.
  • R (reversed): The lines or the later hexagram are upside down compared with the preceding one.

This tool allows you to modify the code of the current hexagram without losing it when going back to the main menu.

There is no limit to the number of hexagrams you can sequence using this tool, but an excess can bring performance problems.
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