Deepware Changes
History and Archive

These tools store the queries for further study. They both share the same screen.


The History automatically stores the last undertaken queries, as well as the hexagram selections done through the Index and Map tools.

Each item from the History can be assigned a text describing the undertaken query, moving it to the Archive.

The buttons at the right of each item allow you to go directly to the interpretation of the query: Choose among the Full Text, the Fast Text and/or the Conceptual Graphic.

There is a default limit of 20 items for the History. You can change this value at the Settings screen.
Throughout the whole app, the octagonal buttons act as `safety buttons´, requiring a long click to work.


The Archive is very similar to History, being the main differences:

  • Each item has a descriptive text entered by the user. This text can be edited at any time.
  • There is no limit for the amount of stored queries, but for performance reasons it is recommended not to exceed.


You can save your query directly from the main menu, clicking on the `save´ button that is located just above the hexagram drawing.
Both in the Archive and the History, an item with golden background means that its hexagram is equal to the currently active one.
[c] Alberto Viñuela Miranda / Cranfcom 2013-2014