Deepware Changes
Settings and Actions

You can access this screen clicking on the gear wheel located at the upper right corner of the main menu.


General Options

  • Show splash screen

    The splash screen is the welcome screen that appears when starting the app, showing the version of the current compilation of the app.
  • Show back arrow
    It concerns the white and black arrow which is shown in many screens.
  • Show screen title
    You can hide the screen titles once you have mastered the app.
  • Show tabs
    This option controls the tabs visibility.
  • Autoscroll hexagram name
    Here you can toggle the autoscroll or marquee effect that is applied to the long names of some hexagrams by default.

Screen Options

  • Landscape columns

    Number of columns in the screen when in landscape format.
  • Portrait columns / Landscape rows
    Minimum number of columns when in portrait format, and minimum number of rows when landscape. The app chooses the grid size that satisfies both values.

History Options

  • History size

    Maximum number of queries that will be stored automatically at any time. When this number is exceeded, the older queries are deleted to leave room to the new ones.
Be careful when changing this option. Big values in slow devices can cause performance problems.

Full Text Options

  • Show helping explanations
    The Full Text screen shows explanations for novices by default. You can disable them here.
  • Show hexagram graphic
    When disabled, the hexagrams graphics are replaced by numbers.
  • Go to text after query in BASIC tab
    If you make a query from the BASIC tab, by default it will automatically open the Full Text screen. You can change this behaviour here.



  • Texts Management

    This button will take you to the screen that downloads the app texts from the Cranfcom servers. It is exactly the same screen that appears when you open the app for the first time.
The texts are in English (default) and Spanish. The app automatically choices one of another depending on the device language settings.
The app NEEDS that the texts are present on the SD Card (or its equivalent) with their proper format: otherwise, you will not be able to return to the main menu.
The texts are stored in the folder cranfcom/deepware/changes of your SD Card (or its equivalent).
The texts are stored in a very simple and intuitive format (plain text with tabs) to facilitate their translations. If you have translated the texts to your own language, be careful at this screen, because you can overwrite them easily.


  • Clear current hexagram

    Reset the app as if no query was done yet.
  • Clear history
    Delete all the items of the History.
  • Clear archive
    Delete all the items of the Archive.
These actions will ask for confirmation.


  • Clear hexagram associations

    Deletes all the concepts permanently linked to hexagrams in the Graphical screen or the Narrative Sequencer.
  • Clear trigram associations
    Deletes all the concepts permanently linked to trigrams, like in the above mentioned case.
These actions will ask for confirmation.


  • Share app

    It allows you to share a link to this app through any of the communication channels available in your device.
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  • Send suggestions
    Your ideas help us improve our software.
  • Credits
    This button opens a screen showing information about the creators of the app and its compilation data.
[c] Alberto Viñuela Miranda / Cranfcom 2013-2014