Deepware Changes
Conceptual Graphic

This screen shows the hexagram(s) graphically, and allows you to read the texts and combine the concepts associated both to the hexagram(s) and trigrams.


Each of the 64 hexagrams has a number of concepts linked to its meaning or meanings. Normally, they are shown one at a time.
Each of the 8 trigrams has also a number of related concepts.
Within a hexagram, the upper and lower trigrams that make it up has, additionally, concepts linked to their function.

Throughout the app it is common to find concepts associated to hexagrams, trigrams or the positions of the latter within the hexagram.

Main screen

As you can see in the upper snapshot, there are 5 kinds of text buttons in each hexagram:

  • Upper Trigram Function
  • Upper Trigram Meaning
  • Lower Trigram Function
  • Lower Trigram Meaning
  • Hexagram Concept

Every time you enter this screen or execute a command in it, the concepts shown in the buttons change randomly, encouraging the creative interpretation of the answer through lateral thinking (in a way very related to our FREE app Deepware Rupture).

Concept Associator

If you click on any of the 5 text buttons visible in each hexagram, you will access to the Concept Associator.
Once inside, you can choose the concept you find more suitable and permanently attach it to the hexagram or trigram, differentiating between upper and lower position in the latter case.

A permanently attached concept makes its button darker.

At any time, you can break a concept attachment simply selecting the [RANDOM] button again, or even remove all of them in the Settings and Actions screen.

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