Deepware Changes
Brief Documentation

This documentation supposes that you do not know anything about the I Ching, and your main interest is just using the app as soon as possible.

Basic usage

It is very straightforward. The process can be summarized in the next steps:

1) Choose the question you want to ask yourself

  • Think about questions that are relevant for you. If you do foolish or test questions, this process will not work. The more important the question, the more accurate the answer.
  • A proper formulation of the question facilitates the interpretation of the answer. We suggest you to ask for a description of your situation and/or for an advice to confront it.

2) Open the basic interface

  • Press the Three Coins Method button under the BASIC tab.

3) Collide the coins

  • Shake the device sideways. You must do it six times, until you get a six digit code. Follow the screen instructions.
  • After completing a code, the app will automatically open a screen with its textual interpretation.

4) Analyse the answer

  • Read the texts to the very end. They may be shorter or longer, simpler or more complex; in any case, you must match their content to your particular issue.
  • Get amazed.
The FAQ contains indications and guidelines on the making of good questions. We encourage you to read the FAQ for a very basic understanding of the concepts involved in the use of the I Ching.
[c] Alberto Viñuela Miranda / Cranfcom 2013-2014