Deepware Brainwaves
MP3 Examples

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Listen to these sounds through your headphones. Otherwise, they lose effectiveness.

Although using lossy codecs with the sounds generated by Deepware Brainwaves is not generally recommended, the examples of this page has been carefully chosen and encoded with enough quality.

Their playback time is 10 minutes, with no fade out.

To download the files to your device, use your mouse right button (or long click) over each button and select “save link as” to store each MP3.


Four bells, which encode sleep inducing delta waves, improvise a series of absolutely haunting chords.

Deepware Brainwaves
Lullaby MP3 [9.15MB]


A gale on the Atlantic Ocean, listened from a beach, is able to cancel any other sound.

Deepware Brainwaves
Sea MP3 [9.15MB]


The combination of high and low frequency brain waves can produce paradoxical states in your brain, like the ones induced by LSD, Ayahuasca or —less risky— the next sound. People who tested it have spoke about “body hallucinations”.

Deepware Brainwaves
LSD MP3 [8.95MB]

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