Deepware Brainwaves
Known Problems


There are constant interruptions, pops and clicks

Maybe your device is lacking CPU power, at least to play some (or all) factory presets. Or maybe the default settings are not the best for your specific device. In any case, follow the next points:

  • Is your device powerful enough?
    This app is not suitable for devices less powered than a Samsung Galaxy S2. If this is your case, do not despair yet and read the following tips.
  • Is the ‘turtle’ button on?
    We encourage to use this button in case of quirky sound when showing the app’s initial tips, but perhaps you have missed this advice. When this button is on, the app sacrifices interface responsivity in exchange for a more stable sound.
  • Have you tried an alternative sine function?
    If you deploy the Mixer machine, you will see two buttons: Emulated sine and Hardware sine. Some devices have their mathematical functions optimized, but others do not. If this is your case, using Emulated sine should show a notable performance increase.


The Synchronization Error appears again and again

This should happen only when other instance of Deepware Brainwaves is already running. Close it and try again. If the problem continues, we are facing a compatibility issue and/or an overloaded or faulty system.

Other issues

Tell us below.

7 comments on “Known Problems
  1. Keresztúri Ferenc says:


    The sound is popping under JB 4.2.1 (Sony LT26i)

  2. avm says:


    Have you tried activating the “turtle” button (green background)?

    Have you tried an alternative “sine function” in the Mixer?

    If you have tried these steps and sound stills pops, your device is not powerful enough, sorry.

  3. Niels Peter says:

    Having popping noise and clicking as soon as the screen turns off. Samsung S5

  4. avm says:

    Hi Niels: The software tries to keep its CPU priority when the screen turns off. However, some devices and/or Android versions ignore that, SPECIALLY when they are unplugged, in order to save battery.

    Try to keep the device plugged! If this does not work, you can always generate a WAV file using the export features and listen it using any music player.

  5. pajh says:

    After updating, the app is no longer compatible with my device? Galaxy s5 Neo. Are there any plans to fix this please?

  6. Rico says:

    With last update, my device is no longer compatible. I guess it is a bug (this is a Xiaomi red mi 4pro). I hope you fix it as it is a wonderful app…
    Thanks in advance!

  7. James jorgensen says:

    I have a fault which does not let me play the sounds and doesn’t let me turn the power on for the mixer. With a long press it says dependant machines are not running

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