Outdated library

The com.cranf.android.common library, that was present in earlier versions of the Cranfcom apps, is no more being used after their last updates. Therefore, it’s totally safe to remove.

To remove it, simply open Settings > Apps in your device, find the package com.cranf.android.common and uninstall it, exactly the same way you uninstall a normal app.

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4 comments on “Outdated library
  1. This is a very huge difference between, applying the intended idea/while most frequently developer’s have the opportunity, but squeeze to fit and put the quality after the idea.

  2. Let’s get on with it, shall we…?.!

  3. Alexander Sattler says:

    I’m just putting the german version of the book of changes (Richard Wilhelm, “das Buch der Wandlungen)into the right textbits and format to fit into your app and to replace the english – and that’s really a bit boring – but in a few days or weeks I should get the results in my language inside the apk, no more need to consult external webpages or pdf-files. If everything fits and works I can send you the german .txt files so you can offer Deepware Changes with more languages.
    Rupture is also nice,I like the concept of a fully randomized oracle with no historical or mystical background about it. Only words and short and clever sentences, randomized by my mobile – but the brain doesn’t care, it does just take the senseless word’s and puts them together to stories and ideas, which fit exactly into the situation.. Synchronizity or just because of the fact that humans cannot do many things very good – except telling themselves permanently little and big stories, attempting to understand the world around themselves by seeing a plot or some order in it.. the real world is exactly.. however you like to see it. Just avoid loops, then you should be fine.

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