3000 installations

Today we are celebrating the first 3000 installations of Cranfcom Apps on Android™ devices, but that is not the real news.

Your positive reviews are the real news, because the Cranfcom Apps at Google Play™ has deserved a global score of 4.95 stars (out of 5) after more than 50 votes.

Thank you for trusting Cranfcom.

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7 comments on “3000 installations
  1. David McAbee says:

    Absolutely love the great apps you have out please continue the great work
    I’m always checking for anything new Cranfcom may have put out

  2. Leah L Hobart says:

    Ditto ( on the positive comments) U r first place in 5yrs I bothered to comment. Thank you. Ever think of a sort of planchette type app?(to work it taps into the sub conscience) anyway KEEP IT UP-LLH

  3. Cathy Spence says:

    Im in luv

  4. I gave you a comment. Is this a merry go round? Let me get on with it..

  5. Andrea says:

    This is me, I’m talking to my higher intelligence self, and it’s answering me leading me to the charge forward, knowledge is my sword, and wisdom is my shield.

  6. Craig Keating says:

    Im kinda confused , but im bei g receuited i know this. Ac

  7. Nicolə says:

    A♤ perf

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